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How Cardonio Works?


As an innovative way to manage your finances, Cardonio covers all your needs with world-class solutions proven in conventional currencies, as well as in cryptocurrency transactions. So, how does Cardonio Card work?


Let us say you want to travel from UK to the United States. You will need to replenish your Cardonio account with 1 ETH before you leave (or any other amount of your choice). Once you are at your destination, you will take lunch and pay USD 16.00 for it. Using the same system used for credit/debit card payments by existing businesses, you simply swipe your Cardonio Card in a standard EFTPOS terminal in that restaurant. Cardonio’s processing systems will then instantly process the transaction you made using current interbank exchange rate to convert the equivalent value of USD 16.00 into GBP 12.30 almost simultaneously. Using the present GBP and ETH rate of exchange, as derived from the highest daily volume exchange, GBP 12.30 will then be converted and charged to your Cardonio account as ETH 0.057.


All this transpires to provide clients the best alternative to making transactions as Cardonio will pass on to them the highest available exchange rate between GBP & ETH without charging any additional fees or mark-up. Moreover, customers will not be burdened with the cost of GBP & ETH exchange rates (the maker/taker fees often charged by cryptocurrency exchanges) since Cardonio takes care of that cost. Aside from that, your card will not need to incur exchange charges for converting GBP to USD. In short, Cardonio Card holders have absolutely easy and burden-free access to interbank exchange rates without the usual fees and mark-up.


As described in clear and simple terms, Cardonio allows consumers to practically enter into almost any transaction wherever they maybe in the globe just by carrying and using their card tied to their cryptocuurrrency account.


Would you still travel abroad without a Cardonio Card?


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